As we approach the Fall solstice, we say goodbye to the dog days of summer but that doesn't mean that the fun is over.  As some of you know, I was holding it down at Otto's on Fifth Avenue up until the end of the summer.  It was a lot of fun but all good things come to an end.  Special shout out to Mike Brown and the crew over there for letting me play my eclectic style of Funk, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz and Latin.

During that time, I joined the crew broadcasting on Thursday Nights from 10pm EST to Midnite.  That is still going on and has become a more progressive work.  This past week's show was done from Bryant Park and I'll be finding even fresher locations around the city to do the same so make sure you tune in every Thursday night either on the website or the TuneIn app.  Just look for LifeLine Radio.  I'll make sure I post links here when the show is about to start.

Coming up this Friday, I'll be back at the Village Lantern with the It's A Feeling crew.  Rocking out alongsid DJ Taz.  This party is dope.  B-Boys and B-Girls fill the floor so if you like to dance, make sure you come through.  The party starts at 10PM and it's free B4 11, $5 after (Free Drink Ticket).  21 & Over.

I hope to see you soon and make sure you subscribe to my blog and other pages.
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There is a class starting this Tuesday that will give you basic training for television studio production.  Log onto to sign up.  There are still spots available and best of all... IT'S FREE!

Open to Manhattan Residents!

Mr. Speaker
Kinnard Chapman
Audio/Video Technician/DJ
Tonight we'll be back at Otto's for Ladies Night.  Come through for some great food, fun and music.

Tonight Ladies Night @Otto's will broadcast live on from 10PM - 12AM.  If you can't make it out, check us out online.  I'll be on the decks tonight spinning good music.

For more info or to tune in:

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This Thursday we have a special guest @OttosOn5th... Raquel Nicole Jetè

Raquel Nicole Jeté is a multi-talented singer/songwriter from Hayward, CA,
which is in the SF Bay Area. Her sound has been heavily compared to Lauryn Hill and India.Aire with her mixture of Jazz, Soul, and Folk. Over the years she has developed her own unique style, calling it, "Acoustic Gospel Soul." She composes all of her own music and coming from a poetry background her lyrics are deeply moving and thought provoking. Raquel currently resides in Harlem, NY and is now in the process of recording her debut EP. The project is scheduled to be released Fall of 2015.
Connect on Social Media:
IG: @RaquelNicoleJete
FB: Raquel Nicole Jete
Twitter: @TheRaquelNicole

NS7III 10 MINUTE SETThe talented DJ Mell Starr aka "The Most Dangerous" got 10 minutes on the upcoming #NS7III last week. This was his 2nd time touching the unit and it's a treat to see him cut on it and tell us his honest feedback.Pardon the shaky iPhone video. Despite that we thank customer DJ Gil Boogie for capturing the moment.For more info on the NS7III see:

Posted by Numark on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Who - DJ Taz w/special guest DJ Administer

What - It's A Feeling Dance Party

Where - The Village Lantern 167 Bleeker Street

When - Friday May 15th 10:30PM - 4AM

Why - Come on son... it's Friday!

How - You, two DJ's, two turntables and a mixer... YOU ALREADY KNOW!

My first track out on Traxsource.
Microphone Fiend - The Administer Edit
By Mona Bode' and Dr. Thiza. Cop all three mixes for the discount!
DJ Discdolo cutting up Funk, Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop live! Click on the link.
We'd like to welcome my man DJ Discdolo to the DJ Administer blog team. This man is a world traveler, an avid digger and collector of rare jazz and funk as well as a longtime friend of mine. Make sure you subscribe to catch his weekly Ustream and other updates from his lab and around the globe. 
Check his twitter here. 
Recently I've come across a few issues using Rane SL boxes with my computer and other peoples.  I had an issue one time where I couldn't get Serato to actually start, not knowing that the SL1 box I was connected to was a USB 1.0 device which (because of the specs of a Core I series computer) is incompatible with my machine.  Imagine showing up to a gig and not being able to perform because you can't figure out a "simple" hardware issue.

Luckily, I also use Traktor and a controller so I wasn't left completely in the lurch.  After I got home, I got online, determined to solve this problem.  I searched forums and tech guides and eventually found out that USB 1.0 devices will not work properly on Core I series computers with USB 2.0 or higher specs.  This is why the SL1 was discontinued.

Continuing to research, I finally discovered a solution (and a simple one at that) to the problem.  A USB 2.0 hub will allow the SL1 to be read by the computer.  I haven't had the issue since.

Another thing I discovered is that Serato should always be installed and run in Administrative mode.  The program takes priority over the audio system, reading and writing to the hard drive (file permissions come into play here), a certain amount of memory and the processor.  Another issue that this will help resolve is driver installation and sound card recognition.  Rane SL boxes will not start up unless the drivers have been installed with elevated privileges and the software must be installed or started the same way in order for them to work properly.  Installing the software in this way will avoid any issues but if you have already installed the software as a user then simply start the software in Administrative mode and the issues will  be resolved.

These 2 tips have helped me get up and running with minimal effort and I haven't had issues since I adopted these techniques.  I hope it helps you... Peace.