This afternoon starting at 4PM we have some great DJ's coming out to close out Halloween 2014 at LP & Harmony in Williamsburg (click on the DJ links below for more info).  Along with a Costume Contest for a free massage from Giveaways and a Surprise Special Guest, it's gonna be a great afternoon.  

Take the L train to Grand Street and Walk three blocks south.
DJ Mike Marquez 
Spinning House Classics

DJ Bone Intell
Spinning Hip-Hop & Trap

Spinning Electro, Bass and Everything In-Between

DJ Administer
Spinning Funk, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Latin and more.

Spinning 90's Hip-Hop & R&B Classics

I'm back at it again with JP, Matt and the Erotic Poetry crew tonight from 6pm-12pm. Show starts at 9pm and the kitchen is open.  21 & Over.  ID a must.  See you there.  2210 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (8th Ave & 119th St.)  Free Admission, 2 Drink Minimum. Casual attire.

HOT WAX returns this Friday night 11pm-4am at The Exley
(1 Jackson St. by Union St.)
in Williamsburg, BK.
We will be spinning ALL VINYL, doing it up right for the Labor Day Weekend.   The following DJs will also be spinning:
Anthony S.
Shakiem (Paul Shakiem Beach)
Mak-Len (Olivier Ferlay)
Administer (Kinnard Chapman)
We will have a tapestry of hot records ranging from '80s pop to '90s Hip-Hop to fun Dance tracks.
Hope to see y'all there.

21 & Over ID is a must.

Directions: L Train to Lorimer St.  Walk two blocks north on Lorimer St. or Union st. to Jackson St.

BQE to Metropolitan Avenue.
4 PM to 10 PM Come on out to LP & Harmony and celebrate my 38th birthday.  Susan Z Anthony, DJ Dolo and myself on the wheels.  No Cover.
 683 Grand Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn

L Train to Grand Street.  Walk East 3 Blocks.  
Just off the corner of Manhattan Ave.

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Blue Ocean Soul (Blue Ocean Floor Remix) by Dj Administer on Mixcloud
DJ's IM Me or HIt me up on IG/FB/Twiiter for a copy. 
Blue Ocean Soul (DJ Administer Remix)
Join the Fantastic Grooves crew at LP & Harmony on June 19th for some good music and fun.  Two pool tables and the backyard will be open.  Manhattan and Grand Aves in Williamsburg, BK from 4 - 12 PM More Info Here
If you're in Williamsburg, stop by LP & Harmony for ADG's open turntable today. Hip-Hop, R&B, House & Electro. And tonight at starting at 10PM I'll be over at Arrow Bar btw. 5th and 6th Sts. and Avenue A spinning old school Hip-Hop and breaks alongside DJ Huggy Bear and the Still Diggin Crew, Sneaker Joe and DJ Scratch Nice.
Join Mario and Melvin Van Peebles on Feb. 25 for a free screening of “Baadasssss!,” a documentary about the groundbreaking 1971 film "Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song." The night starts with a performance by Melvin Van Peebles wid Laxative band!

Learn More Here
Today marks the 15th anniversary of the passing of one of the most prolific MC's to come out of Harlem.  Big L, although his life and career were cut short, left a profound impact on the game and there isn't a day that goes by that he isn't missed.  I'm not at any turntables today so I can't give him a proper tribute but I've found some mixes on Soundcloud to share with you guys that will hopefully satiate that need.  Rest In Power brotha.

Listen Here
I created this blog originally in the hopes of promoting my own DJ skills but I am now interested in using this as a platform to unify the burgeoning worlds of the DJ.  Current there are two camps in the DJ world... I like to refer to them as Analog and Digital (hence the name A/D Minister) Analog is traditional Turntabilism with vinyl.  Traditional beat making with an MPC or SP1200 or other machinery of that type.  It is odd that all of those "electronics" constitutes the 'Analog' side of the argument.

Next is the digital side of things and even that hass an analog/digital type of war going on.  The Serato vs. Traktor debate.  The skillful non-inclusion of Torq, Virtual Dj, Mixvibes, PCDJ and more.  Also the many, many DAW's that are out there factor into this.  Ableton, FL Studio, Ms. Pinky.  All of this software is available for any use to try and delve into, but traditionalist DJ's lean toward Serato because of it's simplicity.  And yet as of late, Serato has gone to great lengths to position itself alongside DVS powerhouses like Traktor which seemed to have masterfully bridged the worlds of DJ'ing and production in one software application.

DJ Controllers have been popping up all over the place, but I am of the opinion that they have been around since before DVS systems came into existence.  Endless rotary encoders, keyboards, touchpads, X/Y pads, and midi treats of all kinds have been available for use since the 70's.  DJ's have been using echo chambers and effects boxes since the 70's as well.  It only made sense looking at the explosion in electronic music in the eighties that this technology would creep into the hands of Turntabilists and DJ's alike.

Left out of the conversation for the most part is one of the longest standing providers of DVS systems, Ms. Pinky whose proprietary timecode has been used for several other DVS systems including Torq (one of my favorite pieces of software still).  Ms. Pinky in and of itself is a stand alone DVS that can be used as a VST instrument in virtually any DAW giving the user vinyl control over whatever parameters they choose.  Ingenious, but here in the States, not included in the conversation.

I could delve deeper into all of the different technologies that are available to DJ's out there to use but that would just sidetrack me from the point I am trying to make.  When Hip-Hop first started (and any other musical genre for that matter) it was about who had the best sound.  Of course if you had the best and the latest gear you were the man but let's not forget some things:

1 - Some guy named Joseph Sadler from the Bronx who became synonymous with a swift footed comic book character who changed the entire way DJ's performed  by adding a horizontal fader to a nondescript mixer so he could fade between the two record players he was using.

2 - 3 guys from Long Island and their producer decided that their Hip-Hop album should have witty commercial breaks between songs, virtually mastered the art of sampling and got sued out of their socks for all of it.

3 - Kanye West went all Marilyn Manson on us in his latest offering after fighting for years to heard as an MC and reminding us what traditional Hip-Hop beats are supposed to sound like.

4 - Popping and Locking crews, danced... instead of killing each other.

The point is... it is about the creativity.  Whatever tools you use, master them.  Word to Rob Base, just make the music dope!  Oh yeah, subscribe, comment and everything else.  I am open to suggestions and looking for contributors!

Artwork Courtesy of AngryTalic